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Nutterman's Appliance Repair in Overland Park, KS
http://www.nuttermans.com is your local Overland Park, KS appliance repair expert. 913-393-4948. Servicing most major brands, we offer expert professional repair for washers, dryers, refrigerators, di...

Trying to manage a home when one of your major appliances is broken down is not an easy thing to do. When your refrigerator isn't cooling it makes it tough to feed the family. When your washer is overflowing with water it creates more work that you just don't have time for. Not to mention the damage it can do to your house. If your dryer isn't heating up it doesn't dry your clothes. And is there anyone anymore that has a clothes line in their backyard? If they do, do they actually have the time to use it? If your dishwasher isn't draining it means that you have to wash dishes by hand! (YUCK!!!) We don't know about you but that is one of the last chores around the house that we want to do!!!!
If you live in Overland Park, KS  and you need repairs done for one of your major appliances, call the local appliance repair professionals that Overland Park uses everyday. Contact us today for expert appliance repair throughout Overland Park on most makes and models of washers, dryers, stovesovens, refrigerators, freezerstrash compactors and ice makers.
We also service and replace in-sink garbage disposals.
Call us at 39FIX IT (913-393-4948) to speak to someone or submit your request on the Contact Us page and we will have an appliance repair professional contact you promptly to assist you with your repair.
In Overland Park, KS call 39FIXIT 
We Repair All Major Appliance Brands.
Whirlpool - Kenmore - Maytag - GE - Lg -Samsung - Frigidaire - Electrolux - Kitchenaid - Jenn-Air - Hotpoint - Amana - Bosch - Dacor
Washer Repair
One common reason for contacting a washer-dryer repair service is a bad motor. A professional should always replace motors that fail to turn on. Under constant and heavy use, motors can sometimes overheat and stop working for a moment. If you give the appliance enough time to cool down, it will begin to work again, but the fact that it overheated is a warning sign that the motor is going bad and needs attention from a repair professional.
A bad coupler can cause a motor to begin to malfunction. This part connects the motor to the washer's transmission. Since the part is usually made of plastic or rubber, it can break quite easily. When this happens, you need to replace it; otherwise, the motor will not function in the same way.
Even when the motor is going bad, the problem may not be obvious to the untrained eye. For example, on traditional washing machines, the tub moves in opposite directions to wash clothes, but even when the motor goes bad, it will still move, except only in one direction. 
Dryer Repair
In a dryer, a heating element (or igniter) helps the machine produce heat to dry wet clothing. If it breaks or goes bad, the dryer will produce little or no heat. A heating element is typically used in electric dryers and can burn out or break. An igniter is used in gas dryers to light up the gas that produces heat, and if it fails to do so, the machine will not dry your clothes.
A thermal fuse in a dryer prevents the machine from getting too hot or working at all. If you notice the dryer overheating or burning your clothes, stop using the machine and call an experienced dryer repairman. If left untreated, a bad thermal fuse can even lead to a fire.
Refrigerator Repair
A fridge on the fritz can be a messy problem to have. From broken icemakers to irregular temperatures, Our refrigerator repair technicians are here to help your refrigerator keep its cool. Our repair technicians are familiar with most every brand of refrigerator—from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and more.
Range or Oven Repair
If the burners on your stove don't light or the oven isn't heating, you will usually find bake or broil related issues are element, igniter or fuse related. Any of these quick repairs puts your range back in business. However, we also tell you how to trouble-shoot new-style electronic ignition burners and ovens, for the do it yourselfer.
Dishwasher Repair
Have you opened up your dishwasher after running it to discover your dishes still look dirty? There are many potential reasons your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes as well as it could, well the good news is these are mostly simple repairs. Dirty filters, Old or badly stored detergent, Dishwasher spray arm is obstructed or faulty water inlet valve. Our qualified fast friendly dishwasher service techs will have you up and running in no time.
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Here's what some of our many happy customers in Overland Park have to say about their experience with Nutterman's Appliance Repair.
Thanks so much for your great service!!!! So nice to have a working fridge/freezer again!
Our dishwasher would not drain all the water. There was a couple of inches sitting on the bottom after the last rinse. I checked on line and found this was a common problem for the model we had. After checking, and doing all the trouble shooting I could, I turned to a professional. Checked Angie's List, as always, and Nutterman's appeared first, as they offered a discount coupon and had many positive reviews. That was enough for me, so I called and scheduled an appointment.
The service man showed up exactly on time on the scheduled day. When I told him the problem, he was relieved, as he knew exactly what the problem was: the water valve that lets in water was defective. He found the part, left, came back soon and installed the new one. Problem fixed. Wish all problems could be so easily diagnosed and remedied.
I will post this having problems on sites from work computer. But you can put this on your site  if you would like. I am also sending an email to a bunch of neighbors as we are always on the scout for services like yours Nick.  Appreciate everything, and April and Andrew are awesome as well!
Best service I can recommend.  From their timely call backs to their professional and friendly service; I would recommend Nutterman's to my Mom. :)   Absolutely top notch from beginning to end. 
Missy's stove repair in Overland Park,KS (Missy emailed this to us!!! :-)) Thanks Missy! Our moms are going to be really happy to here that!!! :-P
Nick was very professional, knowledgable and fair. I will absolutely use him again in the future and will refer him to friends.
Nick came out and diagnosed what he believed to be the problem. He came back for a second visit with the part and in the process of installing the part realized the current part was working and that there was a different issue with the fridge. He did not charge for the part or the extra trip and fixed the problem. His pricing was extremely fair and he was a true professional throughout the process.
Nick came out to diagnose and recommend repairs to a leaking refrigerator. He reported that he could fix the leaking and the broken ice maker, but identified other problems that caused him to recommend purchasing a new fridge rather than repairing.
After a week in a new home, we noticed that the refrigerator (which came with the house) was leaking and that the ice maker didn't work. We called Nutterman's and Nick was able to come the next day. I was told on the phone that a service call is $80.
Nick arrived promptly and began to look in the freezer. He diagnosed the problem and described the necessary repairs. However, he also noted that an essential freezer component was not functioning properly and that food in the freezer was well above the 0 degrees it should be. He provided an estimate for the repairs but said he'd recommend buying a new fridge rather than paying for the repairs since it was likely to die completely soon.
After delivering the bad news, he only charged me $45 for the service call, not the $80 I had been quoted. He was friendly, prompt and clear in describing all aspects of his work. I really appreciated his candor in telling me to get the new fridge, rather than taking my money to repair a doomed fridge and I certainly appreciated the reduced charge for the service call.
If my new fridge or other appliances break, I would call Nuttermans again.
Andrew repaired a noise on my LG dryer. Everything from the first phone call to their office to the repair itself was handled very professionally and friendly and in a timely manner. Very happy with the service will recommend them highly.
Nick arrived on time and diagnosed and repaired the problem.
Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and professional. Reasonably priced and very prompt. We will use Nuttermans again. Much better than using a major retailer .
I'm very happy with how everything worked out and will use Nick at Nutterman's again. If you use him, make sure to ask him the history of his company's name.
When a small amount of water started occasionally backing up
in our front loading washing machine at the end of the spin cycle, we thought a pump on the machine was malfunctioning and called Nick. Nick thoroughly inspected the machine, but could find no problem with it. He diagnosed that a solenoid valve that controlled water flow to the machine was actually the culprit. Valve replacement did indeed fix the problem! Nick was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and charged a very fair price. We highly recommend Nutterman's and will definitely call Nick for all of our repair needs in the future!
Nick was great. He solved a tough dryer problem and a tough oven problem quickly and explained the issues as he went. And his costs were more than fair. If I have any problems in the future, I will be sure to call Nick. I can not recommend him highly enough.