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Nuttermans Appliance Repair got its start right here in Olathe, KS! So when you need Olathe appliance repair—whether it's refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, or anything else—call your local appliance repair experts at Nuttermans today at
39FIXIT (913-393-4948)! We're always just a call away!

We offer expert appliance repair service and advice from friendly, trustworthy appliance repair technicians. As a local, family-owned company, we value our Olathe appliance repair customers. We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to getting your refrigerator or washing machine fixed, and it means a lot that you put your trust in us. We couldn't do it without you!

At Nuttermans, we repair and service most major appliance brands, including: Whirlpool repair, Kenmore repair, Maytag repair, GE repair, Lg repair, Samsung repair, Frigidaire repair, Electrolux repair, KitchenAid repair, Jenn-Air repair, Hotpoint repair, Amana repair, and more! Our Olathe appliance repair clients count on us to fix their appliances quickly and reliably, and we make it our first priority every day to earn their trust.

At Nuttermans, we offer more than just appliance repair and service—we offer peace of mind. Our technicians are always friendly, always ready to answer questions, address your concerns, and explain your options. Our Triple Tiered Pricing allows you to customize your appliance repair service to your needs and budget, and our staff is always happy to help! We know that nobody makes an appliance repair call because they're having the best day of their life, so we try to make sure that your appliance repair experience is as quick, easy, and hassle free as possible. There's nothing we like better than seeing the smile on our customers' faces when their appliances are working again!

In addition to offering appliance repair in Olathe, we also have a parts shop where we sell new appliance parts. If you'd rather do your own appliance repair at home, drop by our shop and we can get you the parts you need, help you out with advice, or answer questions any time! We service appliances all over Johnson County, but Olathe is our home, and all of our Olathe appliance repair customers are our neighbors, so we're always happy to hear from you, whether it's because you need refrigerator repair, because you want to buy a part, or just to stop and say hi!

So whatever your Olathe appliance repair needs, call us at 39FIXIT (913-393-4948) today, or click here to contact us and let us know how we can help!

Washer Repair
Studies have shown that the average American family does close to 400 loads of laundry a year—which means a broken washing machine is a big inconvenience. From puddles on the floor to burned out motors, Nuttermans is here to help. Our Nuttermans Home Services washing machine repair technicians are familiar with every brand of washing machine—from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and more.

Dryer Repair
An inefficient dryer can mean higher energy bills and longer dry times. Is your dryer performing at its best? From annual maintenance to heat element repairs, we’re here to help. Nuttermans Home Services dryer repair technicians are familiar with every brand of dryer—from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and more.A dryer is simply a large drum into which wet laundry is loaded. A motor with pulleys -- connected by a series of belts -- turns the drum. Air heated by a gas heater or electric heating element is blown through the drum to dry the laundry. The temperature and speed of the drum are controlled by a series of thermostats operated from a timer device on the control panel of the dryer.

Refrigerator Repair
A refrigerator is one of the few appliances in your home that runs continuously, day or night, keeping your food cold. If you consider how hard a refrigerator has to work, it is actually quite amazing that they break down so infrequently. On the rare occasion your refrigerator does stop working, you may face a high repair bill and the expense of replacing all your lost food. Have no fear! This article is here to tell you everything you need to know about repairing your refrigerator and freezer yourself. You might be surprised to learn that repairs are actually quite easy, requiring only a little knowledge about the appliance and a little patience. Let's get started with some basic information. Refrigerators and freezers consist of two basic components: a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. A liquid coolant is circulated through these coils by a compressor and a motor. The refrigerant liquid is cooled in the condenser; it then flows to the evaporator. At the evaporator, the air in the unit is cooled by contact with the liquid-filled coil. The condenser of a refrigerator or freezer is the coil on the outside of the unit; the evaporator is the coil on the inside. The coolant is circulated through the system by a compressor.

Range and Oven Repair
We know that having a broken range is a frustrating experience, that’s why we’re here to help repair your oven or range. Most stove repairs aren’t as frustrating as they seem. Most of our customer’s rate stove repairs as “simple” or “very easy.” Whatever the problem is we’re here to help. 

Dishwasher Repair
It can often times be frustrating when your dishwasher doesn't clean well, people often think of getting rid of an older dishwasher for poor cleaning issues when a simple cleaning or updating of the water inlet often solves the problem. Most dishwasher repairs are simple and cost effective. Here's what some of our many happy customers in Olathe have to say about their experience with Nuttermans Appliance Repair. Really great service from Andrew in the repair of our oven! The part that he came with did not fit and he made a special trip to get the one that was needed. He came right back and we have an oven again! Very efficient! Thank you! 
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