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Refrigerator Repair

Nutterman's repairing a refrigerator from the back.. Appliance repair experts.
Refrigerator repair is something we do every day here at Nutterman’s. So when you need a refrigerator repair service company to fix your refrigerator you can rest knowing you’re in good hands. You might have a GE refrigerator water dispenser not working or a Samsung refrigerator leaking water from the filter. It could be that your fridge repair is the water dispenser is dripping and leaking on the floor. These are scenarios we face every day.

Refrigerators are the most used as well as the least troublesome of all electronic appliances. But if you need refrigerator service because you have a Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling then you don’t want to mess around. Call the pros at Nutterman’s. 913-393-4949.

* Service Call Waived With Repair

Washer Repair

Washer repair from nuttermans.  Experts in appliance repair
Your Local Washing Machine Repair Experts From Olathe. Also servicing Lenexa, KS, Shawnee, KS, Overland Park, KS  and most of Johnson County!

When it comes to washer repair, there is a huge array of different styles and models. You may need a Maytag washer repair or a Samsung washer repair. Sometimes it’s even difficult to identify who is the manufacturer of your washer when it needs repaired because of the many department stores that have washers made especially for them with their specific name in mind. 

Kenmore washing machine repair services would be a perfect example of this because of the many appliance manufacturers that make washing machines for them.
There are a few things you can look into fixing yourself before calling for washer repair when having problems. This will save you time and money. As silly as they might sound, they happen often in our field of work.

If you have a washing machine leak you will want to check the washer drain hose, making sure it’s properly connected to the washer drain line and does not have any cracks.

If your washing machine won’t spin or your washer won’t drain check to make sure the lid or door is shutting properly.

If your washing machine is overflowing with water first check to make sure it’s the washer overflowing and not the washing machine drain pipe overflowing instead. Call the pros at Nutterman’s. 913-393-4949.

* Service Call Waived With Repair

Dryer Repair 

Nuttermans dryer repair experts!
Nutterman's Dryer Repair Service for Olathe, KS, Lenexa, KS, Shawnee, KS , Overland Park, KS and most of Johnson County.

Nutterman’s dryer repair technicians work with residents of Johnson County every day by providing expert dryer repair services for a reasonable price in a timely and efficient manner. More often than not, our trained dryer repair technicians are able to complete a dryer no heat repair in your home on the very first service call. When we come to your home we will provide you with a dryer repair cost estimate to fix your broken dryer not heating and help you to determine whether you need to purchase a new dryer or have your old dryer serviced and repaired.
It could be that you need a Whirlpool dryer repair. This repair may involve replacing a broken dryer belt. Maybe your LG dryer repair is because there is a loud thumping noise coming from a bad dryer drum roller. We recommend having a professional dryer service technician perform that task. A very common GE dryer repair is because it is squeaking loudly when the drum is turning. With General Electric dryers, that is usually a sign that the top drum bearing and glides need changed out. You may have a Maytag dryer repair because the drum drive belt has broken. Or a Samsung dryer repair that blows cold air that has no heat at all. On Samsung dryer repairs it’s very common that the entire heater assembly (heating element, hi-limit thermostat, thermal fuse and heater box) needs replaced.

Whatever your dryer repair service needs may be, our friendly and experienced appliance repair technicians will have you up and running in no time! Call the pros at Nutterman’s. 913-393-4949.

Dishwasher Repair

Nuttermans repair man repairing a dishwasher
Servicing dishwashers in Lenexa, KS, Shawnee, KS, Overland Park, KS  and most of Johnson County.

Dishwasher repair anymore is just a fact of life, whether your dishwasher fills with water when not in use or the dishwasher wont drain completely doesn’t mean that getting these dishwasher problems repaired has to be a hassle. At Nutterman’s we’re here to make your dishwasher repair as painless as possible. You might have a Whirlpool dishwasher that won’t spray or a Maytag dishwasher leaking from the bottom of the door. We have experienced technicians that are well versed in dishwasher problems. If it’s a new style KitchenAid dishwasher repair you need because the dishwasher won’t start or an older Frigidaire dishwasher that won’t fill with water, call Nutterman’s because we take pride in our work and our ability to help you make an informed decision about dishwasher repair cost and the dishwasher you want repaired.

If you’re the handy, DIY dishwasher repair type of person who has have a dishwasher that won’t drain completely or you have a dishwasher rack repair that you need to take care of but your just not sure where to find your dishwasher repair parts just give us a call. Sometimes all you need is just a little bit of dishwasher repair advice when your dishwasher won’t clean the dishes. Anyone who has ever tried to repair something on their own before and has tried calling a company for repair advice knows the frustration of talking to someone who just doesn’t want to offer you the repair advice you need. Not at Nutterman’s, you’re our friends and neighbors, one of the most enjoyable things for us is to help you make that dishwasher repair so we can help save you money. That’s why at Nutterman’s we also sell dishwasher parts for the people who like to tinker. So whether you’re doing a dishwasher repair yourself and just need dishwasher parts or you want us to come out and repair the dishwasher for you, either way were always happy to talk to you at Nutterman’s.

Stove & Oven Repair

Nuttermans repair man repairing a oven or stove
Stove, range and oven repair for Olathe, KS, Lenexa, KS, Shawnee, KS , Overland Park, KS and most of Johnson County.

Oven repair can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you have an older electric stove repair or gas oven repair. You are probably well aware that appliances today are not made like the old ones. When it comes to stove repairs you will usually find that most stove repair
cost, whether gas or electric are very affordable compared to buying a new one. Whether you have a Kenmore electric oven won’t heat up, your oven not working after self cleaning, a Maytag gas stove that has a burner that won’t light, or you just want one of our experienced service technicians to come out look at the stove and tell you what the oven repair cost would be.
 At Nuttermans it is our goal to leave you happy with the oven repair service we provide.

As an oven replacement parts supplier for most makes and models we are here to help with your oven repair troubleshooting. Whether it’s a Frigidaire oven won’t heat up, or the Maytag oven not working but burners are. So whether you just have questions about oven repair costs, or want to speak about stove repair service, give us a call. We know how frustrating it can be to be without you’re stove or oven. That’s why at Nuttermans we always strive for same day repairs. Let us help make your electric oven repair a pleasant experience.
Call the pros at Nutterman’s. 913-393-4949.

Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair, Johnson County Ice Maker Repair, Shawnee Ice Maker Repair, Desoto Ice Maker Repair, Leawood Ice Maker Repair, Merriam Ice Maker Repair, Overland Park Ice Maker Repair, Prairie Village Ice Maker Repair, Olathe Ice Maker Repair, MIssion Ice Maker Repair, Gardner Ice Maker Repair
We fix ice makers in all of Olathe, KS, Lenexa, KS, Shawnee, KS, Overland Park, KS and most of Johnson County.

Ice maker repair is a staple of what we do. You could have a Whirlpool ice maker not making ice, or an Amana refrigerator not making enough ice. We’ve got what it takes to get the job done right. Or is your Maytag ice maker leaking water in freezer? Yes, we can handle that!
Ice maker repair costs are inexpensive compared to buying a new refrigerator. And here at Nutterman’s we’re very experienced with Frigidaire ice maker repair, Kenmore ice maker repair, KitchenAid ice maker repair, Maytag ice maker repair and most all other brands too.

In-freezer ice makers are inexpensive. It’s not economical to repair them after 4 to 6 years of use. We recommend replacing the unit rather than repairing it. You may need ice maker repair performed for you in your home or you may just want ice maker parts and some friendly DIY ice maker repair advice. Either way please call us at 39FIX IT (913-393-4948) or submit your request on the Contact Us page and we will have an ice machine repair professional contact you right away to dispatch an ice maker repair person out to your location or look up the right parts you need to get the job done right. Or you can bring your under the counter ice machine down to us and save big money. Or just come on down and talk to us. We are more than happy to answer any questions about ice maker repairs that you might have.

Microwave Repair

Nuttermans repair man repairing a microwave
Microwave oven repair can be done for a decent microwave repair cost. If your Kenmore microwave won’t heat, that doesn’t have to mean that you have a microwave magnetron failure and now you need a microwave magnetron replacement. Many times that microwave repair can be a microwave door switch replacement. Or a Whirlpool microwave won’t heat issue could be caused by a 
magnetron thermal fuse. You need to bring your broken microwave down to Nutterman’s microwave repair shop in Olathe and let our microwave repair man do the microwave troubleshooting for you.

There are common microwave appliance repair issues other than a microwave no heat. A real common one is the microwave won’t turn on. Other common microwave not working problems are the microwave won’t start or maybe the microwave won’t turn off. These problems can be as simple as a microwave fuse blown or as intricate as a broken microwave computer board.

There will be times when we suggest that because of the microwave repair cost involved, maybe you should get a new microwave instead of a microwave repair. But more often than not your Samsung microwave repair, Maytag microwave repair or GE microwave oven repair can be done by a professional microwave repair man right here in our shop for a repair cost that’s much cheaper than buying a new one.

 Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage Disposal Repair, Johnson County Garbage Disposal Repair, Shawnee Garbage Disposal Repair, Desoto Garbage Disposal Repair, Leawood Garbage Disposal Repair, Merriam Garbage Disposal Repair, Overland Park Garbage Disposal Repair, Prairie Village Garbage Disposal Repair, Olathe Garbage Disposal Repair, MIssion Garbage Disposal Repair, Gardner Garbage Disposal Repair
Garbage disposal replacement is what we recommend over garbage disposal repair. If you have a garbage disposal leaking from bottom, then it’s time to replace garbage disposal. Garbage disposal replacement parts usually cost as much or more than a new garbage disposal does. On top of that more labor is required for repairing a garbage disposal than there is for replacing a garbage disposal. And you know what all of that means. Yep! Garbage disposal replacement cost is going to cost less than garbage disposal repair cost.

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on or your garbage disposal won’t work you should check the outlet first. Most garbage disposals are plugged into an outlet under the kitchen sink that is controlled by a switch that is above or near the sink. Find that outlet and unplug the garbage disposal and then plug a lamp or something safe like that into the same outlet. Now turn on the garbage disposal switch. If the lamps turns on then you have a garbage disposal problem. But if the
lamp does not turn on then your garbage disposal is probably fine. You have an issue with either the switch the outlet or the breaker. You’re going to want to call your handyman or an electrician.

When your garbage disposal not working but hums or your garbage disposal makes a humming sound there could be a dishcloth or some other debris stuck in the chopper assembly. Go under the sink first and unplug the garbage disposal. Then reach through the sink drain up on top and fish around inside the stuck garbage disposal. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! It could be that you’ve got a garbage disposal jammed with metal or a garbage disposal jammed with glass. If there is something in there making the garbage disposal jammed then there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pull it out and avoid the repair cost all together.

If your garbage disposal won’t run or your garbage disposal leaking or possibly your garbage disposal stinks there’s a good chance we can keep installing a garbage disposal cost at about the same cost as a garbage disposal home depot.

We’re sure you’ve got better things to do than installing a garbage disposal. Give our friendly pros a call when the garbage disposal stopped working and let us handle the garbage disposal installation for you. You’ll be glad you did!
Call the pros at Nutterman’s. 913-393-4949.

Trash Compactors Repair

Trash Compactor Repair, Johnson County Trash Compactor Repair, Shawnee Trash Compactor Repair, Desoto Trash Compactor Repair, Leawood Trash Compactor Repair, Merriam Trash Compactor Repair, Overland Park Trash Compactor Repair, Prairie Village Trash Compactor Repair, Olathe Trash Compactor Repair, MIssion Trash Compactor Repair, Gardner Trash Compactor Repair
A compactor is a device to compress rubbish. It consists of a ram or crushing device that has 2,000 or more pounds of pressure and a motor to push it. The motor assembly, at the rear, is a chain drive and sprocket combination.Threaded shafts, turned by the chain drive, force the ram down.
There are various electrical controls and safety devices . Some models have blowers to keep heat and odor levels down. No maintenance is required, but electrical and mechanical problems can arise. Electrical problems are those common to all motored appliances — switches and the motor, the leads and their connectors. These appliances do have a number of switches. Thus a typical KitchenAid model has a filter switch, key interlock switch, start-stop program switch, directional switch, drawer front interlock switch, interlock bypass switch, and ram switch.
All these switches can be tested for continuity. They control the operation and safety features. If the trash compactor refuses to start, you go through the usual steps — first check power sources including the cord, plug, the wall plug itself, the fuse or circuit breaker involved, then check out the front safety switch and rear safety switch. Any switch can fail.
Next, the motor and relay (if it has one — the KitchenAid under discussion uses a starting winding rather than a relay) must be checked out. Always assume that the motor is not the culprit in an appliance with a heavy duty motor, such as this one, but distrust everything up to the motor.
Among principal switches on a compactor are filter switch, key interlock switch, and start-stop program switch. In the Kitchen Aid model, the small fan motor (a 2-speed motor) is not in the main motor circuit. The electrical circuit goes from the three prong, grounded switch (ground is a green wire) to the interlock front switch via the black wire, to the key interlock switch, to the start-stop switch and the ram switch. The ram switch is wired with brown and orange leads off the start-stop switch. Next is the blue lead from the start- stop switch to the directional switch, then to the motor. The Perils of Pauline have nothing on the flow of electrical current to the motor. The motor’s start windings are black and red. The main winding lead is blue; a black lead that becomes brown feeds into the motor protection device, then goes to the opposite pole of the main winding, turning on the motor.
The interlock switches, and the ram switch, are simple, basically 2-lead affairs. The directional switch that controls motor operation has six positions. The start- stop switch has two leads for the ram switch and two for the key interlock and directional switches.
If you test switches for continuity, you have to sort out the leads. Some leads can be tested from nearby connectors that come apart. Others will require clips or prongs that penetrate the insulation. On trash compactors with relay switches instead of starting windings in the motor, the relay should be tested for continuity before anything else.

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